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Thursday, December 4, 2003

Win32 version is finally up!
I'm not convinced that it is bug free, but I have put up the Win32 distribution equivalent to the IGF Mac OS X distribution we put up weeks ago. Go to the the downloads page to check it out, and be sure to tell your friends! We're looking for as much feedback as possible!

posted by A-lex (dlex@cc) 10:45 PM

Thursday, November 20, 2003

PC Version, Website Apologies
Okay, so this site is pretty lame still, since most of the links don't work as of yet. In addition, we have a PC version but are limiting its distribution for the time being until we can work out some minor issues and make it something we're proud of. We expect to update the Mac OS X version as soon as the PC version is also up-to-speed, so we can have simultaneous releases from this point on. I wonder if we're the only IGF entry that was Mac only at the time of submission....

Anyway, since the site is still incomplete, I'll list here what you can get to: the downloads page, the CVS statistics page, and... well... that's it. Check back with us in a week or so for many updates! :-)

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

IGF Entry, Site Maintenance
We've entered the IGF Student Showcase! Right now, you can download the MacOS X version of our entry in the downloads page. We will be updating the game in the next few days to put credits back into it so that it can be distributed more comfortably, but you're welcome to try it out for yourself now (just don't give a credit-less version away to your friends-- send them a link to this page instead). A word on site maintenance: Many of the navigation links on this page are broken, since the site is still less than a day old. I'm working on this, so if you get broken links, just check back in a day or so. Thanks for visiting!

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Friday, November 14, 2003

WebPhage opens!
The Independent Games Festival student showcase has given us a reason to make this fancy website so that we can distribute our game to them (and others). We are submitting our entry to the student showcase today, and we feel that we have developed a pretty solid entry. Here's hoping that we get chosen! There were some other great games made in our Video Game Design class, and I imagine there's some pretty tough competition this year from other schools as well.

posted by A-lex (dlex@cc) 7:36 PM

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